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[Solved] [Qt Creator] Console Application won't build C++ code

  • Hi All,

    I have just started to use QT creator and it looks just what I have been looking for as a generic tool for GUI and command based utilities for linux. I am in the midst of trying to build up an open source project.

    I have tried my first project using the tutorials and it works fine.

    I have then tried to use a class I previously developed in a console application with code blocks (find code blocks good for console but lacks the ease for GUI applications that the QT framework offers). This class has been compiled and linked in code blocks okay and all I had to do was add -pthread to other linker options.

    However in QT Creator creating a console application and then the .cpp and .h file for the class to the project and simply instancing the class and calling a member function in the main.cpp created by QT creator I get the following linking errors when building (it compiles okay):

    • crt1.o no file or directory
    • crti.o no file or directory

    As I have said the /usr/lib contains the files and it links fine from code blocks in the same linux operating system.

    Searched the internet and all they mention is about missing installs or libraries - but if it links in code blocks I can't see how that applies to QT creator and the problem I am getting.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi All,

    I have continued to try and sort this out and I found a solution after some effort.

    It appears the linux used makes a significant difference, which leads me to believe the software manager in Linux Mint 12 x64 did not install QT creator correctly, however in Ubuntu it works fine.

    So in the end this is solved and is really an installation issue in a particular linux build.


  • ok, thanks for the feedback.

    Could you edit your title of your first post here and prepend [solve] please.
    that way other forum users know the status.

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