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[Qt Creator] Remote debugging QNX embedded target

  • Dear Qt-Project Forum,

    I would like to remote debug an application on an embedded QNX/ARM target. A debugging server (qconn) is running on the target and I am able to attach to a remote process and fully debug my application from the command line.

    However, I would like to use the integrated debugging from within Qt Creator. Therefore I created a new Debugger for my Kit pointing to the correct target debugger. After running "Debug -> Start Debugging -> Attach to Remote Debugging Server" I filled out the form with all the necessary information needed to connect to the target.

    ! Debugging Form)!

    When I click "Ok" it shows an error message that the program is not being run.

    ! message)!

    What does this error mean?

    Also I would like to emphasize that I don't have a SSH-Server running on the target - I don't know if this might be needed for remote debugging with Qt Creator. However, through the netstat command I can see that the connection to the target on port 8000 has been established.

    I am using the latest Qt 5.2.1 SDK with Qt Creator 3.0.1.

    Thanks for any comments on this,

    Markus Franke

  • Meanwhile, I discovered that SSH is most likely mandatory for remote linux debugging. Still I don't understand why this is the case as I am able to run GDB from the command line and attach myself to a process.

    Why is there the need to have a SSH connection to the target, if I just want to attach to a remote process rather than copying any binaries via sftp?

    Thanks for any comments on this

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