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Integrating QT c++ project with QML project

  • I saw the examples for this kind of projects but there is something that is not so clear for me.

    I should develop the interface under QML, so I create a project UI_project and put it under version control. Then I create another QT c++ project and put it under version control. So the interface development proceed independently by the global application (and I can test the UI features that in a second phase are connected to the real c++ functions).

    What I need is to start this kind of development working in only one environment, where version control manages both the project at the same time. Is this possible? Can I set in a root directory the C++ and QML projects at the same time?

    Connected to this there is another question. Using the strategy I'm adopting for now (described above) when I change some of the QML project (in its independent folder) I should update all the sources in the c++ project and debug and/or release folders, else the tests can't work. Is there a way so the C++ project that uses QML sources in its calls transfer them in the debug and/or release directories, as essential components for all the application?


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