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Why QtGuid4.dll has 338Mb?

  • I compile qt4.7.1 in windowsXP with mingw from
    QtGuid4.dll size is 338mb!!! Why as many?

    I use this config:
    configure -debug-and-release -opensource -shared -no-ltcg -no-fast -no-accessibility -stl -no-qt3support -platform win32-g++ -mmx -3dnow -sse2

    Before it i compile with win32-msvc2008 and QtGuid4.dll was only 13.2mb.

  • QtGuid4.dll is the debug version (spot the d before the 4!). Debug versions of libraries tend to be huge - it's perfectly ok.

    For the release version of your application, you need QtGui4.dll (no d before the 4!) which is much smaller.

    Also, different compilers produce different code. As far as I know, MSVS compilers put their debug information in separate files, whereas the gcc of MinGW might put it all together into one single file.

  • But compiled qt4.7.1 from
    QtGuid4.dll only has 160mb. Why at me 388?

    In MSVS QtGuid4.dll 13.2mb and QtGuid4.lib 4.51mb QtGuid4.exp 2.7mb. ilk, pdb, can delete.

    160(388) instead 20mb. It very big.

  • Hm, I have no experience with gcc in MinGW, so no idea here why there are these differences. Maybe some special settings in the build process or the like.

  • I take mingw from creator2.1 installation. It create debug dlls 2 times smaller than migw from

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