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Which Qt version bundles QtQuick 2.2

  • I'm trying to install QtQuick 2.2 on my system. I have QML 1.0 on Qt 5.2.1 and apparently QtQuick 2.1.

    Is QtQuick 2.2 in the beta of Qt 5.3?

    Also is there a way to check the version of Qt modules installed? I could never find a good way except trying to include it (for QtQuick at least).

  • Moderators

    QtQuick 2.2 is part of Qt 5.3. You can check which version of QtQuick is available in the documentation of any QML component (for example, in Qt 5.2 Rectangle documentation, it will say "import QtQuick 2.1", but the same page for Qt 5.3 will show "import QtQuick 2.2").

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