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[SOLVED] Can't get rid of qtcreator_process_stub

  • Hi!
    How to prevent qtcreator_process_stub from starting before running my gui application? Can't find checkbox for "Run in terminal" in the settings (Qt Creator 3.0.84).

    Edit: non-Qt project, of course.

  • You can see a "run in dos terminal" in your Build & Run tab or change CONFIG in .pro file from console to GUI or similar. Uncheck it and run the application.

  • Thank You very much!

    There weren't "run in dos terminal" in Build & Run tab,
    but "CONFIG += gui" in the .pro file did the trick.
    (i tried "CONFIG += window" before without success).

  • [quote author="arampl" date="1396793925"]

    There weren't "run in dos terminal" in Build & Run tab.

    1)Switch to project (ctrl+5)
    2)A widget will be shown containing BUILD | RUN tab. Hit/Press RUN tab.
    3)then you will see various headings like Deployment,Run,Run Environment etc then go to RUN there is a check box labaled as Run in terminal select/deselect its up to you.

    hope it helps.

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