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Qt4 Hardware Control

  • Hi everybody

    I would like to ask is it possible to make a program using qt4 for control of specialized hardware on ubuntu. I have windows drivers for the hardware but I don't know if I need drivers for ubuntu.
    The communication is made via RS232.

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    Of course that is possible. You open the device file of the port and read/write data into it.

  • Thank you for your answer
    As I understood I don't need a special linux driver for creation a qt application on ubuntu to control my hardware (oscilloscop textronik via USB).
    Using windows xp I have used windows driver written from the manufacturer. I have installed the driver from CD-ROM. I don't understand how I can control the same hardware without linux driver or using windows driver in ubuntu OS. Is there any possibility to use windows drivers in ubuntu?

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    The linux usb drivers usually cover all hardware of a kind while on windows the drivers you get from the manufacturers tend to work only for that one manufacturer/product. So for standard usb features like a virtual serial port, mass storage, etc. you should be fine with the drivers already present in linux.

    If you have a special usb interface not following the common USB standards, then you will need to find a kernel driver to make that work. I have rarely seen this happen though.

  • Thank you very much for your answer. As I understood there is a difference between hardware control on linux and on windows. I would like also to ask is it necessary to use specially developed linux library for USB joystick input device control or it is not necessary? When I work with joystick device on windows xp first I am installing a driver. Is it necessary to look for a special driver when I would like to work with the same joystick device on linux (ubuntu)?

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    Sorry, never used a joystick myself, but I would expect it to just work (provided it is using USB and one of the major vendors).

    My experience for the last year or so is that stuff works on Linux out of the box while I need to hunt for windows drivers all the time. Last examples were a usb WLAN stick:

    • plugged into linux, started to blink and all was well
    • Plugged into windows 7, inserted the driver CD. The CD then wanted to connect to the internet to download drivers for the stick:( I was stranded since I bought that stick since WLAN was the only option to get online for me at the time. Well, Linux to the rescue (once again;).

  • Thank you for your answer. I would like to ask you something. If I would like to make a qt application for USB joystick control do I need a special linux USB library? If yes where I can download it from?

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    My guess is that the kernel would map the joystick into a device file in /dev/input. Maybe there are libraries to help work with those devices, no idea, sorry.

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