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QT for games

  • Hi, people,

    We are developing an framework based on QT 5 to be used in game development for mobile and PC using QT.

    The framework has a level editor with a friendly interface based in engines like Unity and UDK. We will release it with Opensource license.

    To validade the capacity of the framework to create games we are developing a game to Android/Iphone in parallel. The game is in concept art, modeling and game desing process at this moment.

    Soon we will have the web sites available on Internet.

    Ower schedule is to release both the game and the framework in December 2014.

    I have a question about the QT plans. Is there any plans to port the QT to game consoles in near future??

    Does some one knows something about it??

    Best regards,
    Renato Dias Viana

  • Moderators

    I don't think there are official plans (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

    One thing is that Microsoft announced recently (at Build 2014 conference that is now taking place) a new type of Windows Store app project for Visual Studio that will be one project for all their platforms (Phone, Tablet, PC and Xbox One), so there's a chance that WinRT Qt port that is ongoing (preview available in Qt 5.3 beta) will at some point be runnable on XBox One.

  • I personally would really like to see Qt on Wii U, PS4, and XBox One. Being that they all support something similar to OpenGL ES 2 (or Direct3D in XBox One's case, which could be supported by use of ANGLE) it should be fairly straightforward with the QPA. See and for more information.

    If someone does port Qt to these platforms, it means that I don't have to do so. Therefore, I'm really interested in your framework, renato.viana.

  • Hi Jaysistar.

    See the post.


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