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Clang vs. AStyle vs. Uncrustify

  • Hi all,

    I've downloaded the beta of Qt Creator 3.1, and i would like to test the new beautifier plugin, but i don't know which of those code formatter is the best, so before download one of them i would like to hear from someone who already tried it, which is better for c++.


  • I prefer uncrustify over astyle due to the large set of options and how well it inserts missing block braces. I haven't used clang-format although I expect good things from it.

  • Since I' haven't received reply for a while, i've decided to try clang. I don't see much difference from the internal code formatter and clang, for the moment.
    I have also enabled the clang code model plugin, and again i don't see much difference.. However thanks for the reply! I'll try to look at uncrustify, it seems also to support more languages

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