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  • Hi,

    Not sure if here is the good place to ask, I'll check with Flash support also.
    In my a application, I have a QWebView that is inside a QWidget:
    See image : https://www.dropbox.com/s/wu4agm30ec0n80i/interfacev12.png

    When I press the "fullscreen" on the flash player, I would like the player to only take the maximum space of the QWidget, not the the real fullscreen. I know there may be some limitation here and it's probably in the flash code, but would it be possible to inject some javascript into the flash player and force it to have a certain geometry?

    Thank you

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    It has nothing to do with Qt, but from what I see some browser extensions are able to do it with javascript (no need to full around with flash). Also more and more sites (like youtube) use HTML5 video, not flash.

    So it's doable, but remember that it will be very site specific and if they change something your code will stop working, so generally it's a bad idea and misbehavior on your part.

    As an example youtube puts the video in an element with id="player".
    This element has a class that controls the size of the player and it's (at the time of my writing) one of these: watch-small, watch-medium, watch-large, watch-full. watch-full seems to be doing what you wan't but it's fragile as it resets for example when you resize the browser so you need to handle that too.

  • Yeah I think this is out of reach of my App

    No sure how other popular player works (netflix, ...), too much possibility, thinking and coding, head hurt, will let the webpages keeping option to re-dimension their player.
    Thanks for the info!

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