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How to check for broken links in Qt documentation

  • I have a html folder with lots of subfolders, containing thousands of html files. Up until now I have been checking for broken links in these files using tools created for use with html - Xenu, linkchecker etc. These html files are used to generate Qt files.

    However, in the near future, I will not have html files available to me to check. I will have to check for broken links directly in the documentation of Qt Assistant. Is there any tool available with which to do this?

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    How are you generating the documentation?

  • Hi,
    The documentation is in HTML form; some of it is manually created and most of it is created by doxygen. Then all that HTML is converted into Qt.
    Up until now, I have been checking the HTML files for broken links, which were generated in the package alongside the QT. However, these files are now going to be removed from the package and so I won't be able to do a broken link check on them.

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    [quote author="didje" date="1397640219"]Then all that HTML is converted into Qt.[/quote]Do you mean you use QDoc to convert .html files to .qch files?

    I don't think there is a tool for checking links inside .qch files... However, you could try subscribing to the "Interest mailing list": and asking the Qt engineers there. If such a tool exists, they can tell you.

    I'm curious though: How frequently do you expect to encounter broken links? If they are rare, could you rely on user reports to find them?

  • Hi,
    Someone else does the actual conversion process, so I don't know if they use QDoc or something else do it. However, if that is an important detail I can check it.
    I find broken links quite regularly, with every release of software, and users don't tend to report them, they will just now and then say things like "Your documentation is no good, there are lots of broken links", but without remembering any specific ones (I can't blame them, I would probably do the same!)
    I will subscribe to the Interest mailing list as you suggest.

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