[Solved] Qt android deployment problem

  • Hello, everyone.
    I'm trying to deploy my app (say, hello world) to android virtual device (AVD), and I've got a problem.

    The compile output is:
    06:15:24: Running steps for project test2...
    06:15:24: Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step.
    06:15:24: Starting: "/usr/bin/make"
    make: Nothing to be done for `first'.
    06:15:24: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited normally.
    06:15:24: Removing directory /home/ytyoonubt/Documents/QtProject/build-test2-Android_for_armeabi_v7a_GCC_4_8_Qt_5_2_1-Debug/android-build
    06:15:24: Starting: "/usr/bin/make" INSTALL_ROOT=/home/ytyoonubt/Documents/QtProject/build-test2-Android_for_armeabi_v7a_GCC_4_8_Qt_5_2_1-Debug/android-build install
    install -m 755 -p "libtest2.so" "/home/ytyoonubt/Documents/QtProject/build-test2-Android_for_armeabi_v7a_GCC_4_8_Qt_5_2_1-Debug/android-build/libs/default/armeabi-v7a/libtest2.so"
    06:15:24: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited normally.
    Error while building/deploying project test2 (kit: Android for armeabi-v7a (GCC 4.8, Qt 5.2.1))
    When executing step 'Deploy to Android device'
    06:17:35: Elapsed time: 02:11.

    I didn't modify the source given by default, just build and run.
    ADV is working fine, and I have succeeded with eclipse IDE.

    My qt version is 5.2.1.
    !http://ubuntuone.com/6T5sVscS5UjRBoDEDK2gUL(Android configuration Qt)!

    Eclipse output:
    !http://ubuntuone.com/4Rci5y8Eh5KqNEvdGspPkX(eclipse output)!

    It would be very appreciated if you could give me any clue on this.

  • Well, I've found the solution.
    Because the strange behavior (not actually strange, but NEW behavior) was from the latest android SDK tools, so I had to downgrade the android SDK tools.

    The procedure:
    Step 1:
    Get the sdk bundle from the link: http://dl.google.com/android/android-sdk_r22.6.2-linux.tgz
    and extract it to the path you want (I'll call the path ANDROID_ROOT).
    Then, you have now the folder like android-linux-sdk (because my OS is ubuntu) in ANDROID_ROOT.

    Step 2:
    Get old sdk tools from the link: http://ady.my/viewer/tool.html
    (See grandmom's answer from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22238649/qt5-for-android-incompatible-abi )
    and extract it, then you will have tools folder.

    Step 3:
    Replace tools folder in ANDROID_ROOT/android-linux-sdk with tools folder in the Step 2.

    Step 4:
    Execute android in ANDROID_ROOT/android-linux-sdk/tools.
    You have to install

    1. android sdk platform-tools
    2. android sdk build-tools
      but NOT
    3. android sdk tools (DO NOT UPGRADE it to the latest one)

    Then, your sdk manager's list would be like
    !http://ubuntuone.com/6855DwnFvO8OJwm1Ph8UkV(SDK manager)!

    Note: Make sure Android SDK Tools's Rev. is 22.3.

    Step 5:
    You already know ndk install things, right?

    Step 6:
    Create AVD (and check it is working) or use your host device.

  • Android ndk version has no relevance to the issue.
    You can use the latest version.
    But you would have to use API 18.

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