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QT Creator environments for mobile development

  • Hi to all.

    There is an aspect of QT Creator suite that I need to have clear. I develop working on linux and windows platforms with QT Creator / Nokia Sdk. Most of the documentation reports that symbian can be developed under windows o.s. only while maemo can be built on both linux and windows platforms. But under linux there is the mobile simulator as one of the possible build target.

    Well, the question is the following: if I develop under Linux platform (ubuntu 10.04 LT) targetting the project for the simulator, then can I compile and create symbian package? Or I need to develop all the app under Windows or I should only work in windows for the final symbian creation ? And if I use the remote compilation, is possible to develop all the application lifecycle under linux?

    I hope I was clear.

  • You can target Symbian from Linux (and MacOS) too, you will need to use the "remote compiler":
    Maybe you want to take a look at "this article": too

  • Thank you very much!!!

    I already set-up remote compiler. My questions was to have clear in mind that this is the same (remote compiling with linux) as the symbian compiling under windows. As a matter of fact I have no great problems to use one platform or another, but I prefer linux.

    Using the simulator in ubuntu, how this can be considered near to a "real" symbian development ?


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