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Access to children components inside a custom component

  • I've make a custom component that is composed by others custom components.
    Now when I use this component I need to access to the instaces of the children components. It is possible?

  • Excuse me, I wrote "custom module" instead of "custom component"
    (The post is now correct)

  • Oh accessing children in a component is much easier :D

    the way I use is just setting an alias property that works well, e.g.
    Item {
    property alias textItem: textId // item alias
    property alias text: textId.text // single property alias
    Text { id: textId }
    now you can access the Text item from outside:
    (in another QML file)
    CompA {
    textItem.text: "foo"
    //or text: "foo" is this case

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