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QMediaPlayer can not play a web mp3 or mp4?

  • i don't know why QMediaPlayer can not play a web mp3 or mp4 in windows 7.but my os's windows media can play mp3 or mp4.
    the error is DirectShowPlayerService::doRender: Unresolved error code 80040218.

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    DirectShow (DS) is an old multimedia backend that has now been replaced by Windows Media Foundation (WMF). Windows Media Player is playing your media files using WMF. DS cannot play them.

    Are you using the MinGW compiler? MinGW doesn't support WMF properly. Use the MSVC compiler, and QMediaPlayer should get WMF support. (You will need to download the MSVC version of Qt too)

  • so ,mingw vesion can't mp3 by QMediaPlayer.OH ,GOD,WHY

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    Because the MinGW toolchain doesn't provide the correct WMF headers, unfortunately :(

  • I'm having the same problem with MSVC and the wmf backend.

    I have an mp4 video that plays correctly on windows 7 media player, but when I try to play it with QMediaPlayer I get an "Unsupported media, a codec is missing" error.

    Is there a way to debug this kind of problems?

  • which version of Qt u are using coz same thing happended with me and i was using 5.1.1 version then i updated it to 5.3 and its started working so u can update and check again

  • I'm using 5.3 ....

    I think I've figured it out: I was testing on a virtual machine on Amazon and it seems that the video driver has some limitations (windows media player worked though).

    On a real PC it works now

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