UI Library for prototyping

  • Hello.
    I'm a User Experience Architect working in mobile. For a long time I've been looking for a tool that I could use to prototype apps for user testing running on the actual device that could have some logic to it and animations.

    I found Qt and started playing with it but I found that I'm spending a lot of time "coding" a lot of very basic things like nav bars, lists and others. I've been looking for a library of UI elements already coded that look native to their platforms ( iOS and android) that I could use by just dropping snippets into my qml and modify some properties but I haven't found anything. Anyone knows of any Ui library that does this?

    I have been starting to make my own but I feel like its going to take ages as I am doing this for not that long.
    If I end up doing ( I'm starting on iOS) is there any interest in it from the community?

    Spent some time yesterday and today running some little prototypes on my phone and having some problem with dimensions but hopefully I will make some progress

  • Hi sandrobrito,

    Welcome to the devnet forums.

    There are qml widgets for desktop that adapt to the look and feel of windows, mac and linux. Unfortunately this is not the case for mobile.

    I would suggest you to use the mailinglists for your proposal to help in this area since there you will find more developers working on Qt. This forum is more user oriented.

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