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QWebView doesn't behave the same as Chrome when click on image upload button

  • I have a very simple application with QWebView. The code just loads a certain url, nothing more than that. The target webpage has an image upload button. When I click on this button, a open dialog box pops and I select the image to be uploaded. Here is the issue. – I open the same url in Chrome, click on upload image button, select the file and upload. It works perfect. – If I do the same in my application, meaning that clicking to the upload button and selecting a file to upload, another file dialog box pops after the first selected image is uploaded.

    I have dumped the sources from both “browsers” and they are pretty much the same. I am now wondering why a second time pop up comes. If I select another image for the second pop up, it uploads again as a new image and no more pop up comes.

    The link is: "Your text to link here...":
    The upload button is named as: “Voeg een foto toe”

    I would really appreciate any help of you.

  • Not even a single comment? I run it on Windows 7 and my Qt version is 4.8.3.

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    Please be patient and wait at least 48 hours.

    Anyway, Qt 4.8.3 is extremely old and contains many bugs that have already been fixed.

    I tried it on Qt 5.2.1 -- After I upload a photo, I don't get a second pop-up dialog.

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