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Change request for default build directory in Creator Build & Run General Tab

  • Hi all,

    while working on a library under qt I stumbled across non-intuitive naming: the default build path contains -Debug or -Release appended to the directory, but when building, a separate debug and release directory is generated inside those directories to hold the Library binaries. This leads to the problem that in the ...-Release path the debug subdir is empty, and in the ...-Debug path the release subdirectory is empty.

    So if you want to use your own library during debug and release runs of a project using that library, you either have to switch the library manually, or copy the library files manually to the respective empty release and debug directories after each change inside the library.

    I repaired the problem manually by editing the <myliblib>.pro.user file manually and by changing the library in the project using it, and changed the default in Creator after finding out, but this could be avoided by having the default changed.

    Is this problem only specific to my setup so cannot be changed easily? (Win32 with MVC10)

    Best regards

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    This is specific Windows and MSVC. Other platforms and compilers do not generate those subfolders. I think it's not Qt Creator's fault, but I might be wrong.

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