QtConcurrent::run -> crash after a while during read from a HID device - SOLVED

  • Dear all,
    I looked on the forum about my issue but I didn't find something similar.
    So, I'm developing a small application that works with a USB microcontroller and I'm reading data as HID in order to save actual firmware from the device to PC/MAC.
    I launch the reading using QtConcurrent::run method, exactly
    @future = QtConcurrent::run (this, &MainWindow::ReadDevice);@

    On ReadDevice method I call a class comm that perform USB read commands from start_Addr up to end_Addr, 56 bytes at time:

    @result = comm->GetData(start_Addr,end_Addr, 56, device->BytesPerAddr, device->pData);@

    It works perfectly but after 40 seconds (always @ the same address) the program crash.... and during debug process I receive a message box that tells:

    "The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the Operating System"

    • Signal name: SIGSEGV
    • Signal meaning: Segmentation fault

    Anyone could help me to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Problem found: the fault was generated during write on buffer. Not enough buffer was been allocated.

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