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Solved : Problems using QGLWidget as base to promote to own class

  • Hi all!
    To add some graph plotting to a widget I want to use QGLWidget as base widget in designer and promote to my own derived class. But QGLWidget does not show up in the list. So I tried to promote from QWidget directly but the resulting code does not compile.
    As i presume the error is somewhere else, (i am exporting my code into a library first), my first question is:

    • is the way i described it the way it should work (e.g. use of the base class should work, too?)
      And secondly:
    • why is QGLWidget not available for selection to promote from in design mode? (using QtCreator2.8.1).

    any help would be appreciated.

  • In Designer you can use a QWidget as a placeholder and RMB on it to promote it as explained "in this article":

    I haven't done it with QGLwidget myself though, but should work.

    hope this helps

  • Ok, thx.
    So i'll check for the library inclusion first.

  • Hmm. I found that the linker explicitly seeks for a directly QWidget-derived class, so without being able to choose QGLWidget as base, I think I will not be able to use the designer ui-file and thus need to code the ui manually again :-(.
    Is it generally impossible to promote through more than one level of inheritance?

    After finding out some more about the use of libraries under Qt,Win32 and MSVC, I can confirm that use of QWidget as placeholder is possible, so multiple levels of inheritance work here and designer can be used as I hoped without knowing the one-below-top-level derived class.

  • Thanks for confirming your findings to the forum

    happy coding!

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