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MVC & OOP Standards

  • I'm a strong PHP web developer using OOP and MVC techniques. I'm pretty good with what I do, and like to code to standards. I have no experience wit C/C++. PHP/JavaScript are about it, and should help you understand my comfort zone.

    I've installed QT Creator and have gone through some of the tutorials, and am gaining an understanding of the syntax and capabilities of QT's C++ implementation. What I feel I'm lacking though, is an understanding of the structure and best practices. Is there an MVC pattern that should be used? What are the best practices when bringing in things like a database abstraction layer?

    Hopefully someone can point me to a tutorial or two that can help with these questions.

    Thanks in advance

  • I would say it is important to know how you want to use Qt?
    You can create the UI with Qt wigets or the "new" Qt Quick which uses JavaScript and since you already know JS you should use Qt Quick with QML, that is better anyway :)

    For a general Qt model view overview look at
    There are also good tutorials for QML just click the documentation on the top and you will see the different sections.

  • Xander,
    Thanks for the reply. My goal in heading down this path is simply to learn something new. I've given myself a project, something I could easily do in PHP/JavaScript. I set out to learn C++ which is what brought me to using QT. The project I've given myself is to create a program I can use to backup my workstation (which is Linux), using a GUI, and storing data (settings and such) into an SQLite database. I figure such a task would require me to use enough modules and write enough code that once I'm done I should be rather self sufficient.

    Thanks again for the help. Hope my description helps you understand my original question.

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