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Wanna watch correctly variables in Locals and expressions

  • I work at VS and I am accustomed to use the watch with no abbreviations types of variables such that:

    declares an unsigned long long.

    and we would have something like VS


    but Qt abbreviate as follows:


    i try to change some things but it seems not work ...

    Thank You Very much

  • If an unsigned long long has a value of 2, and that is what your debugger, not Qt, is showing. What exactly is the problem?

  • Is the debugger... dont show me completly the values of the variables ... such unsigned long long:


    and shown me only one character


    I abled/disabled the Debug Helpers and dont change the problem.

  • When i click the button of Debug Qt send me a message box,

    "Debugging Helper Missing"

    The debugging could not load the debugging helper library.

    and i open the Qt option/Bulid&Run and show that the Qml Viewer is not installed

  • We can assume Windows. What compiler? What debugger? What versions of compiler, debugger, Qt and Qt Creator?

  • In Ubuntu 13.10

    Compiler: GCC


    and the Qt Creator version is: Qt5.1

    Thank you for you collaboration.

  • The gdb debugger on Linux does not require compiled debugger helpers and I have not seen a message like that since Qt Creator V 2.4. You are probably using Qt Creator 3 if it is the one bundled with Qt 5.1; if not, you should be. You need at least version 7.2 of gdb (type "gdb -v" at a command prompt).

    Ultimately though I still do not see a problem. If an integer has a value of two then there is no difference between displaying that as "2" or "00000002". The second is no more "correct" or "full" a value. Trying to make the debugger output from gdb on a different platform match the output from Visual Studio is a fool's errand.

    If you right click on a value in the Qt Creator Locals panel you can "Change Local Display Format" to hex, binary etc. if that helps.

    If you think the displayed value is actually wrong then post a small program that displays the incorrect value when inspected.

  • Hi ChrisW67- thank you very much

    You argument take much attention to me and i decided take a deply look for my code

    And i saw an error about logical operations, so i fixed it and the debugger run perfectly.

    So, i do some test (like set a value into hexadecimal view) and everthing works.

    See you son

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