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Solved: First-time user Qt Creator configuration Windows 7 64-bit

  • I've installed Qt from onto a Windows 7 64-bit system.

    I'm trying to compile the first sample problem. I'm told I need to configure a compiler. Tools-Options-Kits has auto-detected the presence of MSVC 2012 64-bit, but it says "no compiler". When I go to the "Compilers" tab, I see three MSVC 2012 compilers, X86, AMD64, and ARM. I clicked AMD64 and "Apply", but that doesn't seem to satisfy the "Kit" tab's compiler choice.

    How do I configure the MSVC 2012 compiler? Why isn't it already configured; it seems to have been installed as part of the Qt install package?


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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    Are you sure you installed MSVC 2012? These are the version numbers:

    • MSVC 2005 -- Visual C++ 8.0
    • MSVC 2008 -- Visual C++ 9.0
    • MSVC 2010 -- Visual C++ 10.0
    • MSVC 2012 -- Visual C++ 11.0
    • MSVC 2013 -- Visual C++ 12.0

    (Full list at )

    [quote author="dieven" date="1395543185"]How do I configure the MSVC 2012 compiler? Why isn't it already configured; it seems to have been installed as part of the Qt install package?[/quote]No, the Qt Project is not legally allowed to distribute the Visual Studio compilers. You must get it from Microsoft directly.

  • I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, which is installed in c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0, and the VC folder has x86, amd64, and arm C++ compilers. Qt Creator, Tools, Options, Compilers, lists as "Auto-detected" three Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 12.0 (x86, amd64, and ARM), the "Type" is MSVC.
    When I go to the "Kits" tab, there's a red exclamation point and the error is "no compiler set up" and warning "No Debugger set up". The Edit box below for "Compiler" is blank. If I choose "Manage" next to that, I can see the three auto detected compilers. I click the x86 compiler, "Apply", but the "Kits" tab still doesn't have any compiler.
    Somehow there's a way to tell the "Kit" that one of these three auto-detected compilers is the one to use, but I haven't found it...

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    Your Qt library and your compiler need to have matching versions

    Your MSVC 2013 compiler cannot work with Qt for MSVC 2012. You need to:

    After you do one of the above, Qt Creator will auto-detect and set up your kits.

    [quote]“No Debugger set up”[/quote]To address this, install Debugging Tools for Windows. (IIRC, it's part of the Visual Studio installer)

  • It's working now.

    I ended up installing Visual Studio 2010, Windows 7.1 SDK for the debugger (which had a few challenges unrelated to Qt), and Visual Studio 2012, and now I can use Qt Creator to compile and run the first sample program.

    I was confused by the names Visual Studio 2012 (Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0), Visual Studio 2013 (Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0), Qt's name "MSVC 2012", the latest Qt Creator Windows download shown on the "normal user" page is for a back-level Visual Studio, and you can't use an up-level compiler.

    Thank you, JKSH, for your help with this!


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