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[Solved] QMenuBar hover or click clears QStatusBar messages

  • Hello,

    my problem is that everytime I hover the menubar or click a element of it the message in the statusbar is cleared. I cannot find another way than catching the hover/click event of the menubar and rewriting the statusbar message. Hope someone knows a easier way!


  • Hello,

    A workaround could be done by inserting a QLabel as widget or permanet widget on Status Bar.

  • normal widgets in the status bar are overlayed by the temporary messages. permanent widgets are on the right side....

  • hey,

    didnt had the time the last days, so sorry for the late answer. I solved my problem. The statusbar slot void showMessage ( const QString & message, int timeout = 0 ) is not to display permanent messages only for temporary messages!!! Therefore u need to insert a widget on the status bar. Now its working fine!


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