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[SOLVED]MS Word file - PrintOut method

  • Hello everyone, i'm back again with an new question.

    I want to print a word file that i have opened in word from my code.I found out that the method i have to use is "PrintOut" but i cannot found anywhere an example on how can i use it.

    All i need is a very simple example just to under--stand the way it works.

    Any help is appreciated

    PS: the code i use to open the file is
    word = new QAxWidget(this);
    word->dynamicCall("Visible", true );
    QAxObject* docs = word->querySubObject( "Documents" );
    QVariant filename("d:/a.docx");
    QVariant confirmconversions(false);
    QVariant readonly(true);
    QVariant addtorecentfiles(false);
    QVariant passworddocument("");
    QVariant passwordtemplate("");
    QVariant revert(false);
    QVariant background(false);
    QVariant append(false);
    QAxObject* doc = docs->querySubObject("Open(const QVariant&, const QVariant&, const QVariant&, const QVariant&, const QVariant&, const QVariant&,const QVariant&)", filename, confirmconversions, readonly, addtorecentfiles, passworddocument, passwordtemplate, revert);
    QAxObject* print = docs->querySubObject("PrintOut(const QVariant&,const QVariant&)", background , append);

    the last line is not working :'(

    Thank you

  • My mistake was on the paremeters i used.It doesn't need them.The only thing i have to write was
    QAxWidget doc->querySubObject("PrintOut()");

  • I want the document to stay in my main window. So my code for opening the document:

    @ WordDocument=new QAxWidget ("Word.Document", this-> ui-> centralWidget);

    WordDocument-> setGeometry (QRect (10, 10, 621, 471));
    WordDocument-> setControl ("D:/c.docx");
    WordDocument-> show ();


    And I have a PushButton for printing :
    void MainWindow::on_printButton_clicked()

    It works perfectly unless I modify the document. If I type something to the document, and try to print it gives these errors :
    QAxBase: Error calling IDispatch member PrintOut: Exception thrown by server

             Code       : 4605
             Source     : Microsoft Word
             Description: Bu y?ntem veya ?zellik kullan?lamaz. ??nk? bu belge, ba?ka bir uygulama program? taraf?ndan d?zenleniyor. (meaning: this method or property could not be used, other application is editing ...)
             Help       : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\1055\WDMAIN11.CHM [37373]
         Connect to the exception(int,QString,QString,QString) signal to catch this exception

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