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Question of style: QT Dev Environment

  • I'm currently developing a cross platform app that'll run on Windows, OSX and Linux. My main machine is OSX.

    The project is relatively new, a month old, and I'm still using QT-Creator as my IDE and QT-Designer. I was wondering if this scales well or perhaps I should be looking at different styles of environment.

    Do you still use QT-Creator when the project gets really large?
    Do you just use your own text editor and invoke script to build? if so, what do you do when you need to debug?
    Do you create an Xcode or Visual Studio project out of your *.pro file and work there?

    Recommendations are welcome.

  • QtCreator works fine for my needs. But define "really large"?

    My project is about 450k Loc. Is that large?

  • Hundreds of files, lots of symbols to gulp and retain. It took Visual Studio years to be able to do code completion right. I was wondering about the scalability of QT-Creator.

  • I can tell you that I use QtCreator for compile large libraries like: GDAL, OpenCV, libarchive. Moreover, I use QtCreator for link our application with these libraries. All of these works well with QtCreator (with a little less in order to debug windows app, but awesome debuger in linux 64&32 !)

  • I regularly open the complete Qt source tree in Creator to dig around (e.g. for some support here in DevNet :) ). It works like a charm. Jumping around with F2 or Cmd-Click works instantly, no performance penalty. It takes some seconds to build the internal data, though - but Qt is really huge :)

    In my day to day project, we have roughly 1700 files and 340k lines of code, it feels like moving around in a hello world project (perfomance wise) :)

  • I use Qt Creator for everything except debugging, For that i prefer visual studio, works like a charm.

    So far i have opened "very Large" projects in Qt creator and did not felt any difference in performance and usage if thats what u r looking for?

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