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How to delete spam faster?

  • Currently I have to click on a spam message scroll down if post is long and then click on delete and confirm.
    Is there any way to delete bunch of spam messages faster then in 3 clicks per message?

  • Not that I know of.

    You could use the report link to let the super admins know about a certain user that sends spam. They investigate it further on and can block them.

    BTW : can you delete topics and not belong to the administrators group?

  • Thanks Eddy.
    After last spam attack I was given the moderator rights for some forums.
    Yesterday I saw 10-15 spam messages and found that it is time consuming to delete them.

  • Ah i see

    welcome on board!

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    It would indeed be convenient in the case of a spam assault but in the most common cases, it still is better to have to confirm that you want to delete a thread. Mistakes are less likely to happen in that case.

  • Moderators

    I agre with SGaist on that point. And fortunately, spam assaults have (so far, thankfully) not been a very frequent occurrence.

  • Eddy, thank you.

    You are right, yesterday I was under attack :-) and I have not thought about deleting a regular thread.

    May be the forums should have two different modes a spam cleanup and a regular mode.

  • In the beginning of devnet spam was really an issue. I believe Marius and Gurudutt did quiet a good job setting up the spam blocking. Do we know how the spam bots eventuelly got through? Or is that still under investigation?

  • Old thread, but anyway...
    Sorry for not following up here regularly. Lots going on in the past month.

    It looks like the forum module used here comes with it's own registration page and api (now deleted), and those had never been switched off.

    I would say it has been a miracle that those had not been found earlier.

    There are now quite a lot of spam limiting measures in place. They take out machine generated spam pretty well, but if a human wants to spam, it's pretty much impossible to stop them.

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