What type of tooltip is this? And how can i do it?

  • If you set a tooltip on something ( for example a trayicon ) it will look like this:


    But if you go on Ubuntu at the clock ( and every tooltip on ubuntu general) that will be shown:


    So is this a different type of a tooltip or something? ( Differences: Transparency and angles )

    I am setting the tooltip with this:
    @ui->Button->setToolTip("Start Operation");@

    The Problem isn't that i set the tooltip at the trayicon.. It is the same for everything... Any ideas?
    I am using Ubuntu 10.10...

  • Hmm, maybe this icon catches mouse hover event and then simply show QFrame with contents. Once hover event is no more, QFrame becomes inactive/destroyed.

  • u should check on ubuntu forum for this, this is platform thing

  • At ubuntu forums someone had told:

    bq. it's a GtkStatusIcon widget, you might perceive them as two entirely different widgets because the first image you posted is running on a none composited desktop while compositing is enabled on the second image, giving the widget an auto-transparency and rounded corner effects.

    But how to use GtkStatusIcon widget with qt?

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