QTWebkit flashplayer plugin issue

  • QTWebkit Version: 4.8
    flashplayer version:11.x
    OS: Linux x86_64

    Problem: When a Html page embeds a flash file in which calls getUrl to redirect to a new URL , it doesn't work, the target URL can't be loaded.

    Below flash file should redirect to "www.google.com", it works on chrome and IE, but doesn't work on QTWebkit.

    Flash content:
    1 movie 'xmp.swf' {
    2 // flash 5, total frames: 3, frame rate: 12 fps, 200x200 px
    4 frame 2 {
    5 getURL('http://www.google.com', '');
    6 }
    8 frame 3 {
    9 stop();
    10 }
    11 }

    I can make sure the flashplayer plugin has loaded correctly.

    Can anyone help?


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