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QMainWindow Close [SOLVED]

  • Hello,

    I am sure the answer to this is somewhere but I cannot seem to locate it. I am currently playing around with Qt and trying to connect a menu bar action "close" to the slot "close()." However, when I do this, I get no error messages. My GUI displays, but selecting Close in the menu does nothing. I am doing the connecting in the constructor of the QMainWindow. I can create a button and connect it to the close() slot and that works. And, I can, of course, use the red X to close my GUI as well. Is there something unique about the menu bar that might cause this? I can definitely post my code, but I simply copied the connect from the QAction to my QPushButton, changed the name and changed triggered() to clicked(). So, I assume the problem lies in how triggered events are handled vs clicked events. Thanks for any advice. I apologize if this exact question has been asked before. I did a quick search but nothing popped out as addressing this particular issue.

  • please post your not working code.

    there is no difference in how signals are triggered. Wheny they are emitted, they will reach the target (if connected).

    The X in the title bar goes another way, via the system events, but there should be no difference between the button and the action (if the action is really triggered)...

  • I would post my code, but in the process of stripping down the extras from the close so you could see the problem easier, I discovered an embarrassing mistake I had made. Long story short, it helps to connect the signal and slot to the right action.

  • And that is one of the main reasons why you are asked to strip your problem down to a compilable example in the first place :-)

  • Well, what I had compiled...I just made the stupid mistake of connecting "Open" to close(). That's a bit counterintuitive...I think.

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