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Custom QuickItems not visual in designer

  • Hello Qt developers,

    The last few days I have spent developing a application that involves many custom QuickItems (both developed in C++ and QML). As the application is indented to be used also by non developers as kind of put your UI together with the designer and start environment it would be great to have all these custom items available inside the Qt Designer.

    The C++ coded Items are non-visual so they shouldn't make problems. But with the QML based Items I have some problems to make them visual in the designer. Currently it looks like this:
    ! Designer)!

    Can someone please take a look at the source code:

    Basically I use a directory structure like qml/Hal/Controls which results in a import of :
    import Hal.Controls 1.0 as H

    I also have created the qmldir files and the application works just fine at runtime. Even Qt Creator is able to detect the items correctly. Just Qt Designer makes some problems.

    I use Qt SDK 5.2.1 under OpenSUSE 13.1.

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