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How to Blink/Flash the non active window

  • Hi,

    I am working on a chat application. I am using the following code to Blink/Flash the window (which i find in some other post)

    @FLASHWINFO finfo;
    finfo.cbSize = sizeof( FLASHWINFO );
    finfo.hwnd = this->winId();
    finfo.uCount = 20;
    finfo.dwTimeout = 400;
    finfo.dwFlags = FLASHW_ALL; //Flash window and tray icon
    FlashWindowEx( &finfo );@

    This works for most of the cases except one that if my window is not an Active window then it blinks on tray icon. Window doesn't blink.

    Scenario is that i have 2 chat window opened and one is active and i have to blink the other one which is not active window.

    Can someone please explain me if i am doing something wrong or is it qt Framework limitation. How can i solve this problem.


  • It works fine in Win XP, for both active and inactive windows. Maybe it's a "feature" of your version of Windows.
    There is also a function for that in Qt (QApplication::alert), but internally it also calls FlashWindowEx, only works for inactive windows, and only flashes the taskbar button.

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