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Debugging & breakpoint

  • hi,

    I am new to Qt Creator

    I set up a break point and running in debugger mode, the debugger mode doesn't stop at set breakpoint,
    also when I use stepover ,it's taking me to the assembly files. but I don't want to stepover backside, I want to stepover inside my main program (single stepping).

    I went through few materials still I couldn't be able to fix it.

    could someone suggest me how could I set up a breakpoint in the .cpp and signle step it each time

    Thanks in advance

  • Moderators

    Maybe you are compiling in Release mode? New versions of Qt Creator usually warn when you do this.

    Can you share any more details? OS, Qt version, Qt Creator version, the compiler in use, the debugger set in preferences?

  • I am using Qt5.2.1 on windows machine with Mingw compiler

  • Moderators

    Are you sure the code path where you set the breakpoint is actually reached by your application?

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