Read from .ini file with QSettings and real-time performance question

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    I have a question about real-time performance and use of QSettings class. I have parameters stored in an .ini file and want to access these with help of the QSettings class. What i wonder is how QSettings handles the data.
    See the following code:

    @QSettings* settings;
    settings = new QSettings(file, QSettings::IniFormat);@

    Does this mean that the file is parsed and stored in the objecs settings or does it only open the file?
    If it only opens the file, then I assume that it will be quite time consuming to read the data from the file every time I want to access it?

    Thank you for your input!

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    I have never benchmarked QSettings, but I can tell you that in real life I've seen large apps with huge settings objects being created for every change in the program's preferences: and it's unnoticeable to the user. The thing is fast.

    I think that once you create the object, it's parsed. But you would have to check QSettings source code to be sure.

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