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Qobject_cast, trying to determine object class...

  • I have a MainWindow class, where in the eventFilter I have this:

    case QEvent::ChildAdded:
    QChildEvent ce =(QChildEvent)event;
    QObject *obj = ce->child();
    emit this->childAdded(obj);

    Then I have the childAdded signal connected to MainWindow::handleAddedObject(QObject *obj). Inside that I do:

    baseWidget *w = qobject_cast<baseWidget *>(obj);
    if (w != 0) this->baseWidgetAdded(w);

    Then I try it with:

    MainWindow *w = new MainWindow();
    baseWidget *w1 = new baseWidget(w);

    The handleAddedObject -function get called, but the qobject_cast returns 0 everytime. It must be the baseWidget w1 that triggers the function calls, because if I comment out the line where I create the baseWidget object, the handleAddedObject is not called at all. What am I doing wrong?

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