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Quotes matching

  • I am able to match paraenthesis using key release and key press concept but i am not able to match double quotes and single quotes. Any help would be appreciable!!!.For Paraenthesis matching, I compare parenthesis by pressing key that contains text {.

    but for Double and single Quotes using this kind of condition is not appropriate.
    This shows an error.

  • I don't think matching the text from the key is the way to go... I'd rather use something like that:

    void MyClass::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *event)
        switch (event->key()) {
            case Key::Key_A: /* do something useful */; break;
            case Key::Key_S: /* do something useful */; break;
            case Key::Key_W: /* do something useful */; break;
            case Key::Key_D: /* do something useful */; break;

    Have a look at QKeyEvent and the key enum

  • Hi, seems you don't familiar with C/C++ escaped char, such as ""?\..."

  • its working fine now with escape sequence (").

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