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No Qt designer project with Eclipse and without qmake

  • I am exploring possibilities of using Eclipse in our project.

    I have figured out the set up of Qt5.2.1 project with MinGW on Windows. There are few modules/components Qt may not be necessary and boost will be used in this project. The GUI component will use Qt but no Designer involved. Eclipse and GNU makefile are already used here on other projects. Qt Creator and qMake are new to us.

    If we use Eclipse as IDE/editor and use makefile (not use qmake in any components) to build the project, how hard this setting will be?

    If use Eclipse in Qt GUI component but not the Qt creator, what we will lose?

    If use Qt creator in Qt GUI component but not use qmake, how hard to set up this and what we will lose?

  • Hi,
    When using QtCreator there is no need to figure it all out yourself, but since you want to, don't forget that qmake needs to be called to generate the makefile for the Qt project on the desired OS. NExt to that there is also a MOC compiler that handles the QObject stuff for you. If you got those figured out in Eclipse all should work nicely ;-)

  • are you saying i have to use qmake to generate makefile? i cannot write myself manually?

  • Well, you can of course write yourself the makefile. But having it correct even with a small project is already a pain in the neck... Take a look at the makefile generated from the Qt examples for instance.
    This is why I suggest you to use qmake to generate the makefile, from which you should be able to create an Eclipse project.

    Using Eclipse instead of Qt creator you will loose performance: according to my own experience, Eclipse is slow and uses an insane amount of memory, whilst Qt creator (not using java) is much more reasonable in terms of memory consumption. At the end of the day it is mostly a matter of taste though...

  • Generating a manual'd better not. Done it for embedded systems and then it's doable. For Qt and PC programs, let someone do it for you. QMake is callable from Eclipse. Just setup your project compilation sequence to it. Eclipse will call it for you before compiling.

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