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Read data from GUI in thread

  • Hello!

    I have vectors and i need to fill it depending on user input.
    Vectors are large so i want to split computation in some threads, so i need to read data from GUI in those threads and return vector when task will be done.

    How i can do it?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Have you considered signals and slots? If your thread is running an event loop (exec()) you can connect a signal from the main GUI thread to a slot on the processing thread, and emit a signal from that thread when task is done.

  • I can return data with emitted signal, but how can i read it from UI?

  • You could emit a signal from the worker thread, handle it in the slot in the main UI thread, get your input data from there, and then emit a signal to be handled in the worker thread and continue processing there.

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