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QML WebView - Checkered Backgroud

  • I have a webview item in my qml file. It loads a picture like it should, but until it loads the picture it displays a checkered background. Very annoying. Is there anything I need to put in my .cpp file that I am forgetting that would cause this. I am unsure. Here is my code.

    WebView {
    id: imageArtwork
    preferredHeight: 60
    preferredWidth: 60
    html: "<body bgcolor='white'><img src=" + ImageURL + "alt='Badge' height='60' width='60' /></body>"

    Any help here would be great. I would use the Image item in qml but there is a bug with the multi-threading of images on the n900 that I am trying to sidestep. Seems like I am side stepping one bug and running into another one. Arg.

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