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Where are the static libraries for windows distribution?

  • Hello again,
    In a book “Qt4 the art of building qt applications”
    it says in chapter Preparation that Trollteck provide static and dynamic libraries of Qt for windows.
    That that means that there are static libraries that can be link or the final executable or are those
    only the stub libraries necessary for DLL linking?

    Another question is, it is possible to use static library with the LPGL version of Qt?

  • Qt/Trolltech/Nokia does not provide prebuilt static libs. You must compile them yourself.

    From what I know (I'm not a lawayer), static linking with the LGPL version of Qt is possible, but your source code will then be under LGPL too. You cannot static link your closed source project against LGPL version of Qt.

  • Regarding static linking with the LGPL version see the discussion on "this blog": and

  • I am not planning to do that, I do not even want to go through the hassle of building the libraries.
    I was just wondering if I was missing something because the book also says that a least on the Mac
    the DMG files come with .a libraries, which I know for a fact, are static libraries.
    So I thought maybe there were static libraries for the PC too.

    Anyway I am quite happy with the DLLs, but for the record my project is open source, therefore I do not think I am violating any Law if I use static linking with any LPGL product.

    THank you for the information.

  • Don't rely on the information of the book. The Trolls might have changed their minds in the meantime or that information was wrong in the first place.

    The Windows versions for Visual Studio never contained static versions. And I seriously doubt that there were prebuilt statics for the Mac ever, since it is not the recommended way to deploy applications (no plugins and other glitches).

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