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X64 compilation with MSVC 2005 Express

  • Is it possible to compile qt x64 using MSVC 2005 Express?

    If yes, please provide details.


  • Where is the Qt related part of the question? Do you want to know, whether Qt is possible for 64 bit with MSVC 2005 Express or in general?

    If you ask google, you fiond this in wikipedia:

    bq. Visual C++ Express
    The Visual C++ Express Edition can be used to compile .NET as well as Win32 applications. The Windows Platform SDK compilers and core files are included which can be used to build applications that use the Win32 API. To build applications using either MFC or ATL, the libraries have to be obtained from alternative sources such as the free-to-download Windows Driver Kit.
    However, natively compiling 64-bit applications through the IDE is not supported without some involved configurations. If the freely available full version of the Windows SDK is installed, 64-bit applications can be built on the command line using the x64 cross-compiler (Cl.exe) supplied with the SDK.[7] True integration of 64-bit compilers to the Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition is possible, but remains cumbersome.[8] Note: This reference only applies to Visual Studio Express 2008, not 2010; in 2010 it is as simple as changing the Platform Toolset to the Windows SDK instead of the built-in v100.

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