Switch from VC2012 project to MinGW project

  • I have some code running on latest VC2012 Qt 5.2.1. I uninstall the VC2012 Qt and installed the same version of MinGW Qt edition.

    With the same .pro file and .pro.user file, I got compile error.

    Then I deleted these two files and created the project by selected "Open file and project ..." -> "existing project". I noticed there were few new files, which didn't see when I use VC2012 version, created: .config, .files, .includes, .creator and .creator.user.

    When I built it, I got error saying no "all". I figured out I don't have make file for it and this type of project is for existing project with make file exist.

    Then I tried for an empty project. The .pro file and .pro.user file is created. But Creator didn't add those existing files into it. Do I have to MANUALLY add them? how?

    Is there a way in my case to quickly create a Qt project with my existing files? I don't have my own make file. The original project is a Qt VC2012 project.

  • Create new project in the same directory where your previous project was.
    Right click on a project in QtCreator and click on "Add existing files"
    Add your source, header and resource files.

    BTW, to change from one Qt Kit to another you need to set new kit in your project. You don't need to delete .pro files.

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