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Use QtQuick components in Qt 5.2

  • I have an app that uses Qt 5.2 c++ for most of the gui and sometimes dives into QML. For compatability reasons, we can only use QtQuick 1.1 in the qml sections. I need to add a slider and I was hoping to do this using the QtQuick components that were available prior to Qt5 but there doesn't seem to be a way to use them. Does anyone have insight into using QtQuick desktop components in recent releases of Qt?

  • The former qt4 branch of controls is still available: "here":https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtquickcontrols/source/d41f99efdb99b337761f0575ad28434f6aaa07ba::

    It is however completely unsupported as it was never released and might not work completely with more recent versions of Qt.

    If you do not particularly care about native look and feel, making your own slider or using one from the examples is also a possibility.

  • Thanks Jens, I wasn't aware that it hadn't actually released. I'll be looking through that repo today.

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