Move particles through a custom path

  • Hi all;
    I'm trying to create a scene in which several "open pipes" conduct the particles, just like if particles were water. It's just a demo in which I'm learning the how's of some Qt Quick elements, in this case particles.

    Another thing I'd like to do is to create kind of a traversal view of a volcano, where particles would be created in the inner and bottom part of the scene, and then move rapidly in a somewhat curved way towards the aperture of the volcano, from where all particles would spread - well, just like a real-world volcano explosion :-)

    The point is that I see how to use affectors to modify the trajectory of particles, but they work in a very indirect way; let's say I want all particles to describe a specific "V" way; I find myself playing "trial and error" with affectors instead of being able to give specific instructions as to where the particles should go.

    Is there a way to control particle direction apart from affectors?

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