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How to use an interface and a function that is present in a .dll

  • hi, i am new to qt. i m developing a tool for controlling a CCD. i have the drivers required and i have tried to include the .dll file in my program using QLibrary but i have no idea how to include the required interfaces and the corresponding functions in my program. i have no idea how to include it during the compiletime but since there is no particular header file.
    thanks in advance.

  • Hi sriharsha,

    there is no general answer to that. First you have to think of the interface. is it:

    pure C interface (only eC exported functions) in the dll

    C++ interface (exported classes from the dll)

    This has much influence on how to use it.

    If it's a C-interface, you can use late binding: Use "QLibrary": to load the library and "QLibrary::resolve": to get the function pointers. If you don't know how to use function pointers, you could look "here": or use google :-)

    If it's a C++ library you need the header files and an import library (on windows MSVS it would be a .lib file, for gcc a .a file). Without header and import lib file, I see no chance to use a C++ dll :-(

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