Qt4 code generation failed

  • Hello. I am trying to develop a gui using your program for a python program that I am writing. I installed WinPython which has Qt4 as part of the package. I played around with your software and when I was ready to generate the python code, it failed. The problem is somewhere within Qt4, a forward slash is used rather than a back slash. While Linux can cope with this type of issue, Windows cannot. I have scoured the webs looking for a solution and could not find one. I am including a link that describes the problem and am hoping that someone on your end can help me find a solution to this instead of work arounds that do not work. Thank you for your time.


    So basically, when trying to generate the code for the gui, it is unable because it cannot find a file because of the forward slash. Is there any way to correct the problem? Here is a screenshot of the error dialog:

  • First, some advice not about your problem: You say 'your program'. That assumes that readers of this forum are the program designers, but most readers here are users, not the authors of the program. It might be better to say 'Qt Designer' (?) instead of 'your program'. Also, that is more specific. There are so many facets to Qt that it is not obvious (at least to me) what program you are using.

    About your problem: on Stack Overflow, someone already recommended that you use the command line instead of a button (or whatever it is). Why doesn't that workaround work?

    Stepping back from the problem, you are using an older version of Qt which fewer people are still using, you are using Python which fewer people are using, and you are using Qt Designer, which fewer people are using, and you are using a platform which not everyone uses. So it is rather an arcane problem. It might be fixed in newer versions.

  • Yes. I did say your program...that was because I email the Qt people and they recommended the forums so I just cut and pasted the email I sent them. Second, I am using python 3 because though not in wide use, the switch is being made and I wanted to practice it. So instead of Qt Designer, what do you recommend? As for the versions, this is my first install of python on a Windows machine so I used the portable WinPython which has everything in one package so I did not choose the versions...usually I use linux.

    As for the cmd line work around...it does not work. I keep getting errors. I looked before I posted. Even if this is an arcane problem, consder it a challenge that if you do not want to help with, please move on rather than write three paragraphs that do me no good but assume that I do not do my own research before asking others. Thank you for the "kind" words.

  • I am truly sorry that I offended you, and I was offensive. In my defense, I mistook your experience because your cut and paste sounded strange, and it is only your second post. Few readers will struggle to understand a question. As you say, they will just move on, or ask for a clarification. I thought I was asking for clarification, but my tone was offensive.

    I just pointed out that the question was arcane to imply that you might not get an answer here, or a fix made, that a workaround might be your best choice. I am not just saying Python 3 is rare, I am saying that any Python questions here have a small audience. In the past, moderators sometimes moved Python questions to another section of the forum.

    Again, if the problem is with backslashes hardcoded into Qt Designer itself, I think the command line is your best choice, and you should post the errors you get from the command line.

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