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Resize layout

  • Hi,
    I need to put some components that will change size when form change size. I use vertical layout for buttons group, horizontal layout for graphics view and then put them to another layout so in designe mode all looks as I need. But when I start the application objects not resizing. If I program all components and don't use "Design" at all then I get the result I need. What's the problem?

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    Probably you're not setting layout at some level. Do you have a blue layout icon with a red crossed circle near any of your widgets in the designer tree?

  • I can't find anything like that. Do you mean "Layout H" and "Layout V" on the top? Is it possible to program objects in code but be able to see them in "Designer"? There is a lot information in books just how to program objects but because I was a VS programmer in meany years I'll to see them in Designer too?

  • Ok I found how to fix that.

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