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Develop an application like QtDesigner

  • Hi All,

    I am new to Qt and am trying to develop an application like Qt Designer or Qt creator.

    1. Should i be using MdiArea for this? My feeling is that perhaps not. But in QtDesigner the background is complete gray which happens only with MdiArea(unless i do some setting or something). So i am not sure if i should use MdiArea?

    2. I want to have 2 windows on the left that are splitters and then like in QtDesigner have a central tab based widget and then on the right side again have 2 windows that are splitters. Also the left side, right side and central should be splitters. Can anyone suggest the correct way to do this?


    • Qt Creator does not use an MDI area
    • take a look at the palette and discover its wonderful world of colors
    • have a look at QSplitter and QTabWidget or QStackedWidget
    • have a look at Qt Creator's sources

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