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Using XMLHttpRequest in QML when behind a proxy

  • Does anybody know how to set a proxy for use when using Qt Quick/Qt Creator 4.7 Beta II on Windows 7 system?


  • It seems that the simple way to do this is by hosting your qml file in a C++ app. See C:\Qt\4.7.0-beta2\examples\declarative\cppextensions\networkaccessmanagerfactory as an example.

    You essentially create your own QNetworkAccessManager object and set the proxy on that before creating the QDeclarativeView and calling view.engine()->setNetworkAccessManagerFactory(new MyNetworkAccessManagerFactory);

  • If you are using qmlviewer to run your QML, you should be able to set a proxy via "Settings->HTTP Proxy"


  • There is a special factory QDeclarativeNetworkAccessManagerFactory to create a network access manager that should be used when accessing the network from QML. The manager created is then made known to the declarative engine by QDeclarativeEngine::setNetworkAccessManagerFactory(), as PixelQ stated already.

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