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Adding relative library paths in Qt Creator

  • I'm working on a project where we are storing all of our code in a dropbox. Using the library feature (right click project in explorer, 'Add Library'), I'd like to add a relative path to the directory in our box to where we keep our libraries. Is there a way to do this? Every time I try to create a path myself in the "external library" boxes it gets red'd out. Thanks!

  • bump... is that acceptable here?

  • I never knew of that menu till you pointed it out. Thanks. Is it that you want to run against your own library. I do that from the "Projects" tab, click on the "Run" portion of your Qt and then in the "Run Environment" I edit the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Is this what you want ?

  • Not my own library, in particular I'm trying to use the SOIL library with gl. I have the static .lib and the includes. These are in our shared project dropbox. I'd like to be able to reference them locally so my teammates can run my qt project on a different machine.

  • Ok , but can't they just copy over the libs, or have then in your git or svn repository

    Have something like


    And inside myproject you have reference to external libraries in libs.

    Guess I am not understanding the problem.


  • Ah okay, best way to describe it, I'd like to define the library path like this:


    and Qt wont let me do it, at least using the add library functionality.

  • I've always done that in the .pro file. That is directly put it in there
    @LIBS += -L../lib -lgui -ldata @

    But agree with you that QtCreator ought to be able to let you do this.

  • I had actually tried that and still got linker errors. I then realized maybe the version of SOIL I had wasn't compatible with my x64 tool chain: I downloaded and recompiled SOIL for a 64 bit target, then used the reference method you suggest and now I have it working!

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